Turn a Birdbath Into a Planter

How to turn a cracked concrete birdbath into a 'tweet succulent planter.

Looking for a new way to display succulents and cacti? Here's how we salvaged a treasured but cracked and leaky concrete birdbath for a flock of hens and chicks. Step 1: Fill the birdbath with a commercial potting soil especially formulated for cacti, or just add a handful of sand to some regular potting soil. Step 2: Choose one large hen to be your focal point. Remove most of the soil around the roots and then place the plant in the center of the birdbath on top of the soil. For the surrounding plants, gently pull apart the chicks, the baby plants, from the hens, the mother plants, place them and fill in with soil. Step 3: Moisten the soil. Like all succulents, hens and chicks tolerate extremely dry conditions. Next time you're searching for a suitable container for succulents, take a look around your potting shed first. You might just find a special object you can repurpose.