Prairie Container Garden

How to create the natural look of a meadow in a container.

Do you love the natural look of a meadow? Plant a prairie in a pot. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Step 1: select a suitable container. This pot has the look of natural stone, but it's lightweight and easy to lift and move around. Be sure to check for drainage holes. If the pot doesn't have any, drill several in the bottom. Place the layer of pebbles or pot shards in the bottom of the pot and then fill the pot with all purpose potting soil. Don't use garden soil. It's too heavy and may contain weed seeds. Step 2: Select short cultivars of common prairie plants that are for all season interest. When you remove each plant from its pot, check the roots. If they're tangled up or root bound, pull or tear them apart with your fingers or a garden knife. Set plants in at the same depth they grew in their nursery pot and then water. Step 3: Summer care is a snap. Just water whenever the soil feels dry and snip off spent flowers. At the end of the growing season, simply move the pot to a protected spot such as a garden shed or garage for winter protection, or transplant these hardy perennials in to your garden before the ground freezes. A prairie in a pot, it's simply beautiful.