How to Grow Rhubarb

Rhubarb is easy to grow, and popular with gardeners for use in delicious rhubarb pies and other rhubarb recipes. Whether growing rhubarb from seed or rhubarb plants, follow our easy tips.

Rhubarb is a traditional garden favorite and a main ingredient in delicious summery pies and other deserts. It's also a super easy plant to grow. Unlike most vegetables, it's a perennial so it comes back every year. Plant rhubarb [unk] would get at least a half day of sun. It would tolerate average soil but does best in compost rich soil. Starting with a small plant like this, you'll need to wait 2 years for harvest. When rhubarb sends up a flower stalk, remove it so the plant doesn't waste resources on it. Like most perennials, you can split a mature clump of rhubarb into 2 or 3 divisions. Large divisions often can be harvested the year after replanting. The stems, which are actually the leaf stalks, are the part used in cooking. Put them off the base, remove the leaf, and there you have it. They're best used fresh but you can also chop them and freeze them. A bonus with rhubarb is that it's an attractive plant. It fits nicely into a flower bed so you don't need a vegetable garden to enjoy garden fresh garden.