Materials for Raised Garden Beds

Here's an overview of the most common materials for building raised garden beds.

Raised beds are the most popular way to grow vegetables and there are several materials you can use to build them. Pressure-treated wood is the least expensive option. It's very durable and research has shown that it poses essentially no risk to food grown near it. Still, some gardeners prefer an organic option and for this seeder is a common choice. It's not as long lasting as pressure-treated wood and is more expensive but will still provide years of service. Other options exist. Concrete blocks are more decorative than wood and relatively expensive but extremely durable. Composite decking lumber is an outstanding material for raised beds. It's extremely durable and rot-resistant and keeps its color for many years. The chief drawback is its cost, but just quite high compared to wood, but its appearance and durability make it a good long term choice.