Grow Hibiscus in Any Climate

Hibiscus, one of the most beautiful garden flowers, is not just for tropical climates. Hardy perennial and shrub hibiscuses can be grown in nearly any climate. Learn the basics of hibiscus care and how to grow hibiscus where you live.

Hibiscus is the perfect plant to bring a touch of the tropics to your garden. The tropical hibiscus produces dazzling blooms all summer and makes a great potted plant. Unfortunately, it's not tolerant to freezing. So it's just a single season plant unless you overwinter it indoors. But there are other kinds of hibiscus that thrive in northern climates and bloom just as beautifully. Perennial hibiscus, often called Rose Mallow, dies back to the ground each year, but reemerges to produce giant, colorful blooms. Mini varieties are hardy to Zone 4. And there's a hardy shrub hibiscus called Rose of Sharon that's hardy to Zone 5, and it's covered in colorful midsummer blossoms. So if you're looking for that tropical flair in your garden but don't want to throw plants away every fall, thy one of these options.