Hairstyles:Fast, Easy Updo

Party Hairstyles:Fast, Easy Updo

Who has time for a lengthy updo? Not you! This easy party hairstyle comes together in minutes, but looks like you spent all afternoon. Be the belle of the ball with this fabulous party updo.

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Quick and easy updos can save time and they look gorgeous. So, you're going to start by raking your hair back with your fingers away from your face. Don't worry about getting it perfect for this look messier is actually better. Then you're going to gather your hair in a ponytail, kind of a high ponytail right about at your crown. So, now that I have my hair in a high ponytail, I'm gripping with my left hand. I'm going to take my right hand, flip it over and grab the bottom of the ponytail. Then take your hand to the end of the tail, make a loop, tuck it in with your finger of your right hand. Then twist the whole loop. Now, we're going to secure with bobby pins. I like to use bobby pins that are the same color as my hair. Secure the loop. Now, that it's secure I'm just going to sort of pin it wherever I say fly-aways. So, for those pieces that fell down in the back, I'm going to gather them all up in one piece and instead of inserting the bobby pin horizontally, you're going to put it in vertically. This helps it pull the hair better plus you won't be able to see it. And now, I'm going to finish the look with the sparkly vintage pin. Now, you look like the perfect elegant hostess for your party.