Party Makeup: How to Apply Eye Shadow

When the guests are minutes away, there's no time for complicated eyeshadow. Get our top party eye makeup secret and learn how to apply eyeshadow in a flash.

When your guests are about to arrive for a party, who has time for an eye shadow palette with a bunch of shades? Eye shadow creams are the way to go when you're in a rush. First, you wanna start by selecting the right colors. Neutrals are really the way to go if you're in a rush because it's hard to make a mistake. I have a shimmery taupe and a Capri color to bring out my blue eyes. All right, with the lighter color, you wanna just start by drawing all over the lid. You can even put a little bit of extra on your inner corners to brighten up your eyes. Then with the darker color, you're gonna apply along this bone here and halfway across the lid. All right, now, I just like to blend a little bit with my fingers to make sure that there are no obvious lines. Now, I'm just gonna finish with some mascara. And lastly, some neutral gloss. And there you go, a quick and easy make-up look.