Party Hairstyles: Quick and Easy Ideas for Short Hair

Go glam for your next get-together with a pretty party hairstyle for short hair! Try this cute party hair idea when you want to play up your natural texture. Best of all, it's a quick and easy hairstyle--you're ready to celebrate in under 10 minutes!

The decorations are ready, you've planned the menu, and now your guests are about to arrive. If you've left yourself to the last minute, here's quick and easy hairstyle for short hair. Smooth and sleek may not be possible if you've spent time over a hot stove or an oven. So I like to take advantage of that texture actually and tame it a little bit with a one inch curling iron. First, you're gonna create a side part with a wide tooth comb. Next, print your whole head with a little bit of texturizing spray. It's a cross between a dry shampoo and a hairspray. Now, starting with the back, gonna take small pieces, and wind around the curling iron. Messy is a little bit better when it comes to this look so you can alternate ways that you curl the pieces. I curled that piece back, now I'm gonna curl the next one forward. Alternating again. Now when you get to these front pieces, you wanna make sure you curl them all away from the face. Now you're just gonna break up the curls with your fingers, and now you're ready to greet your guests with great hair.