Your Living Room a Makeover

Give Your Living Room a Makeover

See this living room be transformed from a dull "before" to a gorgeous "after". And learn how you can liven up your living room with the same decorating tips for choosing colors, arranging furniture, and more.

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Drab and dysfunctional, this living room needed style and serenity. Learn the tricks that took this space from this to this. The front door open directly to the living room and the home lacked a formal entryway. Builtins and a screen a divider created an entryway just inside the front door. Cabinets, shelves and window seat bench adds storage. Color and style cues taken from the sitting zone helped the two spaces flow together. An antique folding screen separates the entryway from the living room like a wall wood but without the mess of any construction. Scaled down smaller furniture suits the narrow space well. Traditional furniture sets a timeless tone as does a pallet of light blues and greens while pops of warm colors add youthful energy. Mixing patterns in solids is key to the makeover success. Large and medium scaled traditional patterns and solids in a cohesive color scheme are repeated throughout the room for unity. Flexibility supports good looks. A light weight side chair can be used at the desk or can easily be pulled into the conversation. The desk doubles as the sofas side table too. By arranging to improve function and flexibility, using furniture, color and pattern to convey a style and staying committed to scale and balance, your rooms can also be dramatically transformed.