Junk Drawer Organization

Just because a junk drawer stores a little bit of everything doesn't mean it has to be void of organization. Learn how to declutter a junk drawer with these tips and tricks.

A junk drawer is a household necessity just like the rubber bands, stamps and tools at houses. But an organized junk drawer isn't a myth or even impossible. See how to take your junk drawer from this to these in five simple steps so that you can always find exactly what you need. First, take everything out of the drawer, make sorting cards to help you organize and group like items together. Then start sorting stuff into the right piles. Toss duplicate, broken and unused items. Decide what needs to go elsewhere such as to the garage or bathroom. Organize the remaining items into labeled bins and stack them in the drawer. For an extra measure of organization, set a reminder to organize your junk drawer every so often to keep it on top organizational shape.