Pretty Christmas Garland: Make It with Cupcake Liners!

Use up mismatched cupcake liners in a creative way -- as Christmas garland! This incredibly easy holiday craft (you'll just need liners, a stapler, and some glue dots) will pretty-up any Christmas door or entryway.

Here's how to make a unique, festive garland using paper cupcake liners. You will need regular and small cupcake liners in patterns, solid colors and metallics, a stapler and glue dots. Lay out six regular cupcake liners and two many ones in an upside down triangle shape. Fold each liner in half. Overlap the edges of the top row of liners and staple them together. Be sure to hide the staple under the flap. Fold a small liner over the center one in the top row and hold it in place with a glue dot. Staple the second row of liners to the top row. Again, hide that staple under the flap. Before you staple the next liner to the top row, fold a smaller one over the top and staple them together. Then staple that liner in place. Stick the flaps down using glue dots. Repeat the steps to make several more triangles. Lay out the triangles side by side overlapping the edges then staple them together. Try not to have two liners of the same color or pattern next to each other. Finally, hang you garland using double-sided tape.