Senyei on Food

Kelly Senyei on Food

Food blogger Kelly Senyei of Just a Taste chats with us about the ingredients she always has on hand, plus food trends and more.

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The biggest food trend I'm seeing right now is this whole concept of DIY versus buy. I've been experimenting a lot with making homemade pantry staples so I've even made homemade butter, you know, homemade crackers, homemade potato chips and it just really gives you a sense of knowing where these basic staples come from and then, you know, cooking or baking with homemade butter just takes things to a whole another level. The three ingredients I always have on hand are parmesan cheese, I put cheese on everything, dark chocolate, chocolate is one of my favorite foods and then the third one is actually Hoisin sauce and it's a great base for stir fries and sauces and so I've always got these things in my pantry. I find a lot of my inspiration from dining out and then of course the second place is Pinterest. Who doesn't get inspiration from Pinterest? I'm on it all the time, nonstop.