Snowflake Wreath: Only 5 Supplies!

Easy Snowflake Wreath: Only 5 Supplies!

Create a pretty snowflake wreath with felt and a few cheap supplies. This craft will look great on your holiday door!

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Just five supplies are all you'll need to create a pretty snowflake wreath. Here's what to gather: stiff felt snowflakes in three sizes, a flat Styrofoam wreath form, glue specially made for Styrofoam, 3D adhesive film squares and spray glitter. Start by gluing the largest snowflakes around the wreath and then fill in with other sizes. To give the wreath dimension, stack two adhesive film squares and use them to attach some of the snowflakes. Continue adding snowflakes until the wreath is covered. Grab your spray glitter and use it to add some sparkle. You'll have an easy felt wreath in next to no time.