Cheap DIY Ornaments for Christmas

Use felt scraps to make pretty DIY Christmas ornaments. This cheap craft will look beautiful on your Christmas tree.

A few felt scraps are all you need to make cheap DIY ornaments for Christmas. Gather these materials, felt in red, green and two other colors, scissors, pinking shears, baker's twine, clear drawing crafts glue, round glasses in two sizes for tracing and a pen or pencil. Start your project by tracing two circles. Each onto different color of felt. You'll need one large and one medium circle for each ornament. Cut out the circles with scissors. Use the pinking shears to trim around the edge of a larger circle giving it a decorative edge. To make the berries on the holy leaf design, cut three strips of red felt. Each one should be about 5 inches long and a 4-inch wide with one straight edge and one [unk] edge. Roll up each strip starting and ending with a dab of glue. For the leaf, cut two 1 x 1-1/2 inch rectangles in green felt. Fold each on in half and trim the edges in a slight scallop to create a holy leaf. Cut a piece of baker's twine and loop it on to the bigger felt circle. Glue the twine between the circles. Arrange the holy leaf design on the layered circles and then glue the pieces in place. Don't worry about the stray glue, it will dry clear. Your ornament is ready for a package or your tree.