Easy Party Tips: 4 Suprisingly Simple Ways to Make It Stress-Free

These party tips will actually save you money...and time! It's amazing how pretty your party can be once you train your focus on a few key elements.

The whole idea about having a party is to have fun. Here is a tip having a stress free party. Remember the rule of one, one great cocktail. You don't need a full bar and just let the guest serve themselves. In winter time, I like to serve apple sider with cinnamon sticks and brown sugar rimmed glasses. Make one delicious appetizer from scratch and by the west. Before your party, hit the gourmet market. Look for cheeses, olives and not mixes. Skip the fuzzy flower arrangements, stick to one kind of flower and that's in one container to make a big statement. Ideally start with a clean house. If you only have time to clean one room, make it the guest bathroom. To keep it stress free remember, your guest are there to see you, with drink in hand and a festive environment everyone will have a great time.