Remove a Red Wine Stain

Red wine is notorious for the stain it can leave behind when spilled. Learn how to remove a red wine stains with these simple tricks, using tools and products you likely already have in your laundry room, or around the house.

Don't let a wine stain soak up your enjoyment. Let the fabric soak instead. Mix together 1/4 of lukewarm water, 1/2 teaspoon of liquid hand dishwashing detergent and 1 tablespoon vinegar. Soak the clothing for 15 minutes. Twins the garment. If the stain is gone, wash as normal. But if the stain remains, lay the clothing with the stain face-down on a surface patted with white rags or paper towels. Lightly sponge the stain with rubbing alcohol, blotting from the edges to the center. Move to a clean part of the rag as the stain leaves. Rinse, then line dry and if the stain is gone, wash as normal. Still have a stain? Mix a solution of 1/4 of warm water with 1 tablespoon of an enzyme pre-soaked product. Let the clothing soak for 30 minutes. Then rinse and line dry. If the stain is gone, wash on. And as a last resort, wash the garment with a bleach product that's safe for the fabric.