Stain Removal: What Not to Do

Could you be treating stains on clothing all wrong? Watch and learn the "dos" and "don'ts" of stain removal and the tricks to successful treatment.

Don't rub. Blot stains with a cloth dampened in the right stain remover to keep them from spreading and to avoid fraying the fabric. Don't use colored towels, sponges or fussy cloth that can leave dye or linty residue. This could make the stain worse and interfere with its removal. Instead, use a clean white cloth or sponge to blot stains. Don't wait. Treat stains immediately. This is your first line of defense. Scrape off residue and blot with clean water. Apply a dab of clear liquid dish detergent to pretreat grease stains. Use a stain stick to pretreat food and drink stains. Don't use a clothes dryer or an iron until the stain is completely gone. Heat settles the stain so line dry garments first. And that's the do's and don'ts of stain removal.