Side Dish Upgrade: Broccoli

Improve a basic broccoli side dish with a crunchy topping, a bit of heat, and our secret-ingredient for adding a layer of freshness.

Wanna jazz up those Thanksgiving greens? Here are three tasty ways to make your guests wanna go back for seconds. Up the crunch factor, try homemade bread crumbs or Panko. Toss together with fresh herbs and a generous amount of olive oil or melted butter then finish by grating over a little Parmesan of Parmigiano-Reggiano. Zest it up! Grate over a little orange or lemon peel and give them a big squeeze of juice. The bright acidic flavor will wake up any green vegetable. Give it some heat. A little crushed red pepper adds zing to even the most traditional dishes. There you have it with the few simple additions, these greens can't be beat.