Cozy Fall Crafts: Make Covered DIY Buttons

Learn how to make covered buttons to create a fall craft that's both cozy and easy. We made a fall wreath -- what will you craft?

It's easy to make covered buttons and turn them into a stunning fall wreath. Here's what you'll need. Metal buttons to cover, we used three sizes. Button covering kits to match the sizes of your buttons, fabric in solid colors and patterns, scissors, fabric chalk pencil, hot glue gun and sticks, small flat wreath form and ribbon. On the wrong side of the fabric, trace circles around the button mold. Leave a little more than an inch between the circles. Trim your fabric into manageable pieces. Then cut out the circles, cutting about 1/2 inch beyond the tracing. Your cut doesn't have to be perfect. We'll be tucking in the raw edges. Center the fabric circle on the rubber mold, wrong side up. Place the button front over top of the fabric circle. Push the fabric and the button front into the mold. Tuck the ruffled edges of excess fabric in. Place the button back over the folded in fabric. Press the pusher on the back and put snaps in place. Carefully pull covered button out of the mold. Once you've covered a variety of buttons, glue them to a wreath form with hot glue. Position them randomly in whatever design you prefer. Add a ribbon and hang.