's 2013 Fall Trends

Stylemaker's 2013 Fall Trends

BHG Editors are joined by Stylemakers Annette Joseph, stylist and cookbook author, and clothing designer Kayce Hughes, to discuss trends in home, food and fashion. Popular bloggers Michael Wurm of, Hilary Rushford of, Kelly Senyai of join the conversation.

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-The hottest colors that I find right now in the market, it's that like peacock blue, that teal… -Turquoise and blue and teals. Not sort of the cobalt blue but the electric blue. -I love greens. I'm loving navy and sort of off blue this fall but I'm always a big fan of pink and red as well. -A lot of metallics. I think that bronze and copper are gonna make a big comeback. -I'm kind of obsessed with gold so anything gold is hot for me and I'm seeing it pop up everywhere. Gold flatware and gold candlesticks, it's beautiful. -I think a really big trend for fall is leather which excites me cause it's something that I think intimidates a lot of women. -So you find ways to balance it out with putting it in a pencil skirt or have cozy sweater that has leather pockets. -I think the hottest food trend right now is something we're calling Shami food. It's food that looks like you've fussed that you worked all day on it but it's really simple to make. -This whole concept of DIY, I've been experimenting a lot with making homemade pantry staples and then from specific food standpoint, I've seen a lot going on right now with ramen and then also kind of opposite spectrum popcorn. A lot going on with gourmet popcorns, sweet and savory. Just following the trends is a lot.