Rules You Can Break

Style Rules You Can Break

East Coast Editor/Producer Eddie Ross is joined by Stylemakers Annette Joseph, a stylist and cookbook author, and clothing designer Kayce Hughes, along with Michael Wurm of and Hilary Rushford of to talk about the rules in decorating and fashion they love to break!

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-The one decorating rule that I always break is to put large furniture in a small room. If you fill a small room with little furniture, it feels like a dollhouse. You need that one statement piece, a bookcase, an entertainment center or even a sofa. -I love playing with patterns and just clashing them and mixing them up and it makes it really look fun and collective. -I love breaking fashion rules like brown and black. You can absolutely pull it off and I think it looks so cute. -I never wear black which is a fabulous fashion thing to do and it looks great on so many people but it doesn't look good on me. -I don't really care what's in fashion. I buy what I love and what works in my home and what makes me feel comfortable. -I find most of my design inspiration at the flea market online, Pinterest. -Fabulous magazines like Better Homes and Gardens. -I live in Italy in the summer so I find most of my inspiration when I summer there. -I love coming to New York City and walk down the streets and see what people are wearing. -Wherever you are, I think there's lots of inspiration to be found.