Fall Mantel Inspiration

Gorgeous Fall Mantel Inspiration

Learn how to decorate a fall mantel with natural elements, pretty fall colors, and cheap, repurposed knick knacks.

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Fall and fireplaces just seem to go together. Here are 3 simple ways to decorate a fall mantel. One, pair up natural elements like gourds and Crabapple branches. Find a couple of gourds that have nice shape and texture. Put them directly on the mantel and use a rustic phase with branches to give it height. Two, use pops of orange to perk up a mostly white mantel. Try heart shape Chinese lantern stems and a pumpkin engraved with an elegant monogram. Finish it off with a couple of sparkly mercury glass containers. Three, display fall leaves. You can mount a graphic collection of them on a canvass using glue dots or wire a few artificial leaves to a ribbon stretched across an empty frame. Select one or two stunning specimens to sandwich between glass inside a simple frame. Natural elements make it easy to decorate your mantel for fall.