Gym Memberships Pay Off

When it comes to affording fitness for her family of four, this mom takes a hike.

-I'm Angie Greenup and I'm working with Aetna to find out what's your healthy. Do you have a gym membership for you and your family? Holly says a membership times 4 can get pricey and in her family sports rule. Holly, I know that you're a mom of 4 which must keep you really busy, but what's your healthy? -I like to sing. I love to sing. I get to sing with a band so there's performing and that's a great outlet, but just physically singing kind of brings me peace. It's my Zen I think. -That's awesome. It keeps you healthy everywhere. -Yes. It does. -Does your family have a gym membership or do you have one alone? -We used to have a gym membership when the kids were younger. That was a great way for me to work out because there was child care there. But now that they're older they're teenagers they're all involved in sports. And so we no longer have the gym membership because we pay for club sports and high school sports and things like that, but I actually love to get outdoors and hike and walk and so it's a great tradeoff. I do something I love to do, but then they still get to pursue things that they're good at. -It's a great balance. -Yes. It's good balance. -What's your healthy? 33 percent of people say they invest in their healthy with a gym or fitness club membership. Come tell us what healthy means to you at