If Money Grew on Trees

Geoff and Brooke discuss how they would spend extra money to stay healthy.

-I'm Angie Greenup and I'm working with Aetna to find out what's your health. If you have the extra money to spend on living healthier, how would you use it? -Brook and Jeff say they'd use it on some expert advice. What's your healthy? -Our healthy, being active, getting outside. We love to run together as a family. -No, not sitting around. Just getting out and enjoying what we have. -If you guys have the extra cash to spend on being healthier, how would you use it? -I'd love to buy local farm fresh food everyday. Maybe go on a vacation. What do you think? -I think hiring a nutritionist would be awesome. We can learn. Reading labels is confusing. Being able to provide healthy snacks for us and the kids would be very beneficial. -It is confusing, you know. So to hire a nutritionist to do that to help us figure out what to eat everyday would be amazing. -Why do you think you'd be willing to spend money on the nutritionist? -I think because we're already active. Hiring a nutritionist would just balance out our overall health. -It would compliment what we already have. -Yeah. Great. Let's get one. -Okay. -I'm being honest. -What's your healthy? 55 percent of people would spend an extra $100 per month on fresh fruits and vegetables. Come tell us what healthy means to you by joining the conversation at whatsyourhealthy.com.