Healthy Perks at Work

Getting exercise at work helps Geoff be a better employee, and a better dad.

-I'm Angie Greenup and I'm working with Aetna to find out what's your healthy. What health and wellness initiatives are most important to you? This dad of twins and firefighter said that time is of the essence and his employer couldn't agree more. So, Geoff, what's your healthy? -My healthy is being active and being home for my family. -I know you're a firefighter,-- -Yes. -so you must stay fit for work. What sort of health and wellness initiatives does your employer offer? -Since we're at the station for 24 hours and actually a third of my life, they've offered us to work out for one hour. We have a fitness facility onsite and it's helpful because it helps me release stress, but it's very important that they allow us to have that ability to work out on shift. -Why is it important that you take advantage of those initiatives? -Because it makes me better balanced. I can be a better employee at work and I can be a better husband and father at home. -Fighting fires and loving your kids. -Fighting fires and loving my kids. -It's pretty awesome. What's your healthy? Among employed Americans, 63 percent value flexible work hours as important health initiatives offered by employers. Come tell us what healthy means to you by joining the conversation at