Homes and Gardens and Rebuilding Together

Better Homes and Gardens and Rebuilding Together

We teamed up with Rebuilding Together to help remake a home ravaged by Hurricane Sandy. Hear the story behind the transformation from our team and the homeowner.

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-At Better Homes and Gardens, our audience is so enthusiastic about home and passionate for that life, that is creative at home. I think everybody can relate to what a terrible feeling it must be to lose your house or habits severely damaged. So it's really meaningful for us to be here helping one family get back on their feet after the storm. -After the hurricane, [unk] about rebuilding together and the Meredith [unk] and Better Homes and Gardens. I got a phone call from Chris Kennedy and she said I'll be designing your living room and your first floor so she came the other day. She drove down from Boston and she came in and she just did her thing and she looked around and we picked out what look nice as well as we'll try to keep it with my style, my taste. -I mean we really listen to what the homeowner wanted and she loves autumnal hues and things that feel warm and cozy so we're using a beautiful palette of some lovely grays and some nice modern prints with that but then pulling in some deep oranges and little pops and bright yellow and some of the furniture pieces, just the size that you're using them or the style of arm that you have on them let you fit more pieces of furniture in the same space so if you use some of those things in the dining area just using one long table and having a combination of some chairs and benches just helped to use that space without taking of so much floor space. We're going to bring in pieces of furniture that you can use like [unk] use some Ottoman but an Ottoman that have storage inside of it and we have some shelving units that come in that are really colorful and fun but they also give you some vertical storage in the living room. There's no room for big book case so we're gonna go high. -We have two major partners working with us here today, Lowe's and Create and Barrel along with many other tour participating. We're so grateful that everyone is pitching in to help with this project. We are especially grateful to create and barrel for helping us refurnish the home that we're standing in front today though that'll make a big difference for the family. -It's fabulous. I've never seen anything like this in my life and to having to be the recipient of something like this I don't have words to describe it. I really don't. I couldn't do it without you guys but everyone involved and I'm just so grateful. I could never do this. I couldn't.