Cute Cookies! How to Make Flower-Shape Sugar Cookies

Check out our so-easy technique for turning plain sugar cookies into adorable flower shapes -- you only need one tool!

Be the star of your cookie exchange party with these adorable blossom-shaped cookies. Whether you make them for Christmas or another event, they're always a standout dessert. Form sugar cookie dough into balls at a 1-1/2 inches in diameter. Roll each cookie ball in colored sugar. Place them on a baking sheet allowing about 3 inches between each one. Using a pair of clean, sharp scissors gently cut the cookie ball almost in half. Next, cut each half into thirds but don't cut all the way through. These cut pieces will become the petals. Carefully separate the cut petals to form a flower shape and gently flatten the flower petals with your fingers. Sprinkle the center of the flower with its outside color of sugar. Place one piece of colorful candy into the center of each blossom. Then, bake the cookies as directed. Once you get the hang of cutting the dough into flower shapes, you can make all kinds of blossoms for different holiday occasions.