Luxury Homes: What Buyers Want

The president and CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate shares insights into the luxury home market.

-Well, the luxury market is very high today and, in fact, we conducted a recent survey of luxury homeowners that have homes and gardens real estate and one of the findings was that over 90 percent of luxury homeowners surveyed though that their home was the best home on the block. So, that shouldn't be a surprise, I guess, but an interesting statistic. When we look at luxury, size isn't as important as amenities inside, that steam shower, that outdoor room. Outdoor rooms have exploded where we have fireplaces and pizza ovens and places to relax outdoors. And one of the other interesting things that we're finding with luxury buyers is that, well, they want more than one luxury property. And so, we have buyers buying in ski resorts, beach homes and, you know, those homes just add on to their existing luxury lifestyle. So, luxury is strong today and luxury homeowners are pretty particular as to what they're looking for.