Home Buying: What to Look for in Your Next Home

Learn what's hot in homes from the president and CEO Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. Plus, see what features buyers are looking for when purchasing a home.

The features buyers are looking for today in a home, well, it's all about natural finishes. So wall-to-wall carpeting gives way to hardwood floors and then in the kitchen natural stone countertops and a custom cabinetry. These are things that are very appealing to today's buyers, but let's take a step back and go outside the property for a bit because that first impression is very important and it's important to the individual that buys the home each and every day. You wanna have a good feeling as you're pulling up to your home. So the outside is as important as the inside. One more thing that today's home buyer is looking for is what we call a bonus space. It's that flexible room that you could use as an office, as a mud room, as a playroom. Today's consumer is much more casual in their lifestyle and less formal than the consumer of years gone by, and then in a recent survey that we conducted tells us that today's first-time home buyer is looking for a smart home over a green home. And so what does that mean? Well, green amenities in a home are very important, but even more important are things like being able to close the garage door with your iPad, being able to adjust the heat before you get home. They envision their home being high tech with a touch of green as well.