Personalize an Art Display

Think beyond pictures and create a personalized gallery of artwork using unique items.

Hi. I'm Eddie Ross, East Coast Editor, for Better Homes and Gardens, and today, I'm gonna show you some easy ways of personalizing a gallery wall. First, we're gonna start off with these white store-bought frames and turn them into open shadow boxes. For this, I wanted to enhance the frames. So, I used the Japanese paper tape which adds a nice contrast with the pink and the white. From a recent trip, we have some sea glass and some shells and I thought it would be such a great way of displaying these pieces on the wall. You can see here, we've already started adhering the shells and little starfish with the glue gun. You can see here, with the sea glass, we created an ombre effect and used a pretty mint green Japanese paper tape. So, here, we've covered the back of this frame with some pink and white striped paper. And then, this Roman medallion, we just photocopied it, cut it out. I'm gonna adhere it with a little bit of glue stick. I wanna center it up and then just put the top of the frame right on. And now, you have something that looks really chic and super-expensive. And now, here's two other ideas that you can add to the mix when personalizing your gallery wall. So, the first one is all about Sharpie. It's so easy. And all you're going to do is you're gonna take the mat of your store-bought frame and you're gonna just trace around the inner part of the mat. You wanna make sure that you keep your Sharpie at an angle because what you're doing is you're enhancing this mat, the cutout mat. By adding that little detail of black really makes the rose print pop. Another easy way to make our pop is by using a colored mat. You're gonna start off by removing the mat from the frame. Using a glue stick, trace around the inner part, just like this. This is a 12 x 12-inch mat and the scrapbooking paper comes in 12 x 12-inch squares which is perfect. So, trace all around the perimeter of your mat. Now, take your colored paper and just line it out. So, now, flip over your mat, and with your X-Acto knife, start from corner to corner and don't worry about this being perfect. Then, with your glue stick, just make a little dab on all four triangles. Flip back the triangle and glue it to the back of your mat, making sure that the center part of the mat is nice and taut. To mat your picture, a little tip is by just using some double stick tape. Here, I placed it right on the edge of the picture that I'm framing. Now, we'll place the matted art right in the frame and there you have a very chic-looking, inexpensive framed picture for your gallery wall. Try one or all these ideas to really create a gallery wall that shows your personal style.