Apartment Ideas from Eddie Ross

Tour the apartment of Eddie Ross, Better Homes and Gardens East Coast editor, and learn his decorating tips for achieving a style that mixes collected finds with modern pieces.

Hi. I'm Eddie Ross, East Coast Producer and Editor for Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. Today we are sitting in my apartment which I like to call a modern mix. It's things that I've collected over the years from furniture to accessories to tabletop, but when you mix it with new pieces like this Ikea table, it really gives you that fresh take on eclectic style. The color inspiration for the living room came from the pair of chairs that I found at the Goodwill. The pillows are a mix of new and vintage, but the affordable leopard fabric really gives it a high-end look. $1299 for a pair of lamps at the Goodwill, you really can't go wrong. When it comes to setting a table you have to know the rules in order to break them. You never want to put the knife on the wrong side of the plate, but who's to say you can't mix pattern, old with new to achieve an interesting place setting. When I'm setting a table I think of the little details as table jewelry like salt cellars and cordial glasses for flowers. It really enhances your dining experience. So when you're going to create this eclectic style think of the things that you already have and the new things that you love. Be adventurous when you're mixing and matching them together and really make it your own.