How to Dress a Bed

Learn how to dress your bed in just a few quick steps and create a wow-worthy focal point for your bedroom.

In the mood to give your bed a fresh new look? Follow these simple steps to dress it in style. Quickly spruce up a neutral, upholstered, or wooden headboard with a colorful throw draped over the frame. Place a colorful comforter over plain sheets. Look for a comforter that will compliment the throw used on the headboard. Next, add the pillows. Five pillows is the maximum number most experts recommend. So, choose yours wisely. Mix and match the pillowcases and shams to create a personality-filled look. Finish the look with the colorful, patterned [unk] draped across the foot of the bed. This is your chance to add some pop with a contrasting color or texture. A snappy bedroom gives your day a stylish start.