DIY Curtain Rod

Hang window treatments from a stylish DIY curtain rod, created from a few basic supplies and brass sheeting.

Hi, I'm Eddie Ross, East Coast editor for Better Homes and Gardens, and today I'm gonna show you how to make a chic brass curtain rod. What you'll need to get started is an unfinished wooden curtain rod, a hammer, some metal wire, a Sharpie, a staple gun, a ruler, gloves, tin snips, and brass sheeting. A trick to measuring your rod to make sure that you've cut the brass to the perfect size is simply by using some wire. So, ring it around and overlap it about an inch. So, here, you can see we will need a six and a half inch piece that will cover the rod and give us an allowance so we can have a nice, clean finished edge. So now, create our finished edge by simply lining the ruler up, and this is approximately a half an inch, and we're gonna just make a bend just like that. It's very important to wear our gloves when doing this because this is a razor sharp edge. And now, remove the ruler, and with the hammer, gently hammer down the brass sheeting to create a nice finished edge. Now, cover the curtain rod with the brass sheeting, starting with the raw edge rolling towards the finished edge, keeping it nice and tight, and we're gonna just secure this with about four staples. And since it's going through metal, simply go back and hammer down the staples to secure them. So, now I've added my last piece of brass sheeting and you can see here that I just put it edge to edge. But, if it doesn't fit, don't cut it. Keep your original factory-finished edges. Just overlap it. There's two ways that you can hang this curtain rod, and one is by using the closet pole hangers and doing it wall to wall which will give you a really modern clean line look. The second is to finish it off with finials. Using the black wrought iron curtain rings, it really has a finished, polished look.