Designer Secrets: Bedroom Decor

This bedroom designed by Nathan Turner is packed full of decorating ideas you can use. Hear how Nathan created the look and how you can get the look too.

My favorite part of this bedroom is the color palette. I think it's so soothing and it's just a kind of room that you want to relax in and spend time and my approach to the color palette was to keep it neutral and then on top of the neutral, it allows me to do the pops of color and I have great pops of warm colors on the wall and art and pillows and accessories. In this room, I had a lot of separate pieces of furniture to work with, but a lot of you at home may have bedroom sets. And there's so many great things that you can do to freshen up a bedroom set. My favorite is to slip cover it and if you think of slip covering a sofa or a chair, but you can also do so with a night stand or a console or a piece of bedroom furniture, it's a really easy way to freshen up a set and give it a whole different look. My advice for dressing a bed to give it that casual, comfortable look is to not overthink it. It doesn't need too much. You want multiple layers on it. Like here, I have the duvet in that wonderful print. But then I layered it with a dark gray bed spread and then various pillows that tie in other colors from the room. And that's the key with the bedroom. You want it to be pretty but you don't want it to be too busy.