DIY Stamped Artwork

Use vegetables as stamps to make artwork for your home. Learn how to use sweet potatoes, squash, and potatoes as stamps to create one-of-a-kind prints that are budget-friendly and unique.

Here's how to make your own one of a kind artwork using inexpensive supplies from a craft store and ordinary vegetables as stamps. You will need a sweet potato, a cutting board and a chef's knife, two colors of craft paint, a sponge brush, paper plates, colored mat board and a piece of fleece. First, cut the sweet potato into pieces. They should all be about the same size but they don't have to be identical. Next, lay down the piece of fleece and place the mat board on top of it. Squeeze one color of paint onto a paper plate. Then, paint the cut edge of one of the sweet potato pieces. Position the potato stamp on the mat board and press down. The fleece cushions the mat board to give you a better stamp impression. Apply more paint and stamp again. Continue painting and stamping until half of the mat is covered. Stamp with several different pieces of the sweet potato and run some of the stamps part way off the top and the bottom of the mat board. Be sure to stagger the gaps between the stamps so they don't all line up. When half the board is stamped, switch to a second paint color. Continue stamping until the board is full. You can use the same technique with other vegetables. An acorn squash makes irregular circles. A regular potato cut in half makes ovals or carve a square stamp into a potato. The vegetable printing is easy, inexpensive and lets you make unique, modern artwork you'll be proud to hang.