Trend Spotting with BHG: Tea

Tea is giving coffee a run for its money. Learn all about the fun new flavors and even how to cook with it.

I'm gonna make a bold statement here and say that tea is the new coffee. I'm Maggie Meyer, senior food editor of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. So, why all the buzz? Well, maybe it's because of Downton Abbey, maybe it's because everybody wants to be just a little bit more like Kate Middleton. But everyone seems to be drinking tea. There's such an explosion of flavor when it comes to the stuff, too. Just the other day, I saw a tea that was broccoli cilantro tea. Sounds kinda weird about using your tea, but so, so good. And it's not just for drinking. Think about food, too. Chicken poached in tea, chocolate tea bar. Talk about great things to bring to your next tea party. For more great tea party ideas, great recipes, go to