Spotting with BHG: Bananas

Trend Spotting with BHG: Bananas

Bananas are currently the darling of the dessert world. We love a healthy indulgence.

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Hi. I'm Maggie Meyer, senior food editor of Better Homes and Gardens. And one of the things I'm loving right now are bananas. Everybody has got them on their counter, but there are so many fun new recipes for them, especially when it comes to desserts and snacks. One thing I'm loving right now is bananas on a stick. You can actually buy bananas on a stick from food trucks. They're dipped in chocolate, rolled in cookies. So good. Another thing I just keep making at home are banana bonbons. Slice up a banana, put a little peanut butter there in the middle, dip them in chocolate, throw them back in the freezer, and you have this awesome little treat snack anytime you want. Last thing I love about bananas right now, frozen yogurt. I'm talking one ingredient. Frozen bananas. Stick them in your food processor, whirl them up. I'm telling you, the consistency you'll get is just like frozen yogurt. And it's so healthy. Now of course, if you wanna add caramel, a little chocolate, some pecans, I won't tell anybody. But so, so good and so easy. To get more recipes, go to We have tons of banana ideas there.