Spotting with BHG: Citrus Flavors

Trend Spotting with BHG: Citrus Flavors

Citrus flavors add pops of bright flavor to cocktails, desserts and condiments. Blood orange and grapefruit are especially hot right now.

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I'm Carrie Boyd, a food editor with Better Homes and Gardens. And I'm seeing citrus everywhere. As a food editor, I pretty much have my dream job. And I'm excited to talk to you about citrus flavors. Blood oranges are a bright red orange. They're sweet, but a little more acidic than regular orange. They're great for things like vinaigrettes, jams and jellies, and even things like craft beers and savory sauces like hollandaise. Another citrus fruit, grapefruit. Grapefruit flavors are all the raging out, too. Grapefruits have a naturally bitter flavor, so they're great in sweet cocktails like mojitos and margaritas. Another sweet cocktail I'm loving, the paloma cocktail, a trendy mix of Tequila, grapefruit juice, club soda, lime, and a little bit of sugar. For more information about citrus fruits and citrus recipes, go to