Trend Spotting with BHG: Growing Berries

Here are four new berries you'll want in your garden!

Thanks to some new varieties, fresh home-grown berries are easier to grow than ever. Here's a few of my favorites. Brazelberry is a new raspberry that's a great choice for landscapes. It grows as a dense leafy bush, so it looks great even in flower bits and it's thornless. Who doesn't appreciate that? Peach Sorbet is a new blueberry that's so fertile and that means you don't need a second plant for pollination. It looks right at home in a shrub border especially in the fall when it gets a dazzling red color. Strawberries are always popular, but did you know there's a new purple variety? Check out Purple Wonder from Burpee Home Gardens. They're as easy to grow as the other varieties and they're real eye catcher on the dinner table. Here's one you might not know. It's called Goji or Wolfberry. It super nutritious and you can eat the berries fresh or dry kind of like a raisin. It's not the most beautiful plant, but it's easy to grow and very hardy down to zone 5. For more garden trends like this, visit