Trend Spotting with BHG: Lighting

Five big trends in lighting fixtures and lamps/

Lighting is super important in the design of a room and there are 5 fabulous lighting trends that I'm loving right now-- over scale, color, beads and baubles, industrial and natural. I'm seeing lots of large scale lighting in table lamps and in overhead fixtures. I love the look of a big pendant, hung over a kitchen island. I call this the Downton Abbey trend. It's the return of the classic chandelier with lots of crystals and bling- just beautiful and feminine. I love it. It really makes lighting the jewelry of your room. Just as color is returning to fashion, it's also coming back to home fashion. I love the way color is showing up in lighting all across the board. It's a great way to make your lighting a focal point of your room. Industrial is sort of the anti-trend to the beads and baubles. It's more clean-lined and masculine and looks like a little bit like it came out of your high school science lab. But it's a great look. I really see this stemming from madmen and the mid-century mod look they have going on there. This is one of my favorite trends on lighting. Designers are using natural fabrics like Rutan or linen on shades, but they're also recreating pieces of nature in lighting, such as this adorable owl or twigs or branches. It's just a great look.