How to Make a Bed

From the hospital corners of the sheets to the decorative pillows, watch and learn how to make a bed perfectly.

From the sheets to the final throw pillow, learn how to make a bed with these simple steps. After the fitted sheet is on, lay the flat sheet over the bed so it hangs evenly. Lay it face down so the front will show when you fold it back. To make hospital corners, tuck the sheet in at the end of the bed. Now, pick up the sheet and place the edge on top of the bed forming a triangle. Tuck the side corner beneath the mattress. Bring the piece resting on top of the bed over and tuck it in neatly and tuck in the sheets on the side of the bed. Repeat on the other side. Next, put the coverlet or blanket on the bed pulling the coverlet and top sheet about a pillow's width down. Spread out the duvet, folding into thirds across the end of the bed. Now that the linens are on, add a flourish with bed pillows. Start with the standard pillows, add shams and then accent pillows in both solids and patterns. Balance, contrast with coordination and you'll have a beautifully made bed.