How to Hang Art

Hanging artwork will add polish to your walls. Watch and learn how to hang artwork with ease.

Learn how to hang artwork and create gallery worthy walls in your home. Start with a right hardware which depends on the weight of the piece you're hanging and what type of hanging device is on the piece. Adhesive strips work well for lightweight or temporary pieces. If you're hanging one piece of art, the middle of the piece should hang at eyelevel. If you're hanging an arrangement of different pieces, start with the centerpiece of this height and work in pieces around it. Measure the height of your piece and divide by two to find the middle point. Add that number to 57. Now, you know how many inches of the wall to hang the arts so the middle hangs at eyelevel. We'll call this your starting height. Now, look at how the picture will hang and compensate for the hanging hardware placement. If your picture will hang from a wire, stretch the wire tied in the center to mimic how the wire will be when the art is hanging. Measure how far the top of the wire is from the top of the frame and subtract the number from the starting height. This is the final height at which you'll place the nail or screw. If your picture has a sawtooth hanger, measure from the top of the frame to the crest of the middle tooth and subtract the number from the starting height to find the final height. Next, figure out the horizontal placement of the nail or screw. Look at what you'll be hanging the art in relation to, such as between two windows or above a sofa. Measure the distance between these two reference points and divide by two. This number will be the center point. Measure this distance and lightly mark with a pencil. From this point, measure up from the floor to your calculated final height. This will be where you place the nail or screw. Install the hardware and hang your picture. Use the centerpiece as a reference point for hanging the other pieces in the arrangement.