How to Hang Curtains

Make hanging curtains easy with our tips and tricks for measuring and installing these simple, yet stunning window treatments.

Dress your windows right with these tips and tricks on how to hang curtains. Here's what you'll need to hang basic curtain panels; brackets in the rod, screws, a tape measure, a level, a screwdriver, a pencil and paper. If your drapes are heavy, you'll also need wall anchors to support the extra weight. Start by taking a few basic measurements. Measure the height from the floor to the top of the window frame to get an idea of what curtain length you'll need. The rule of thumb is that curtain should just touch the floor or pull slightly. Adjust where you're hanging the brackets faced on the length of your curtains. For example, if the height from the floor to the top of your window frame is 78 inches by 84-inch curtains and hang the brackets of the rod as less than 6 inches above the window frame. And the tip of the brackets, buy ones that extend out beyond the depth of the molding. If they're too short, the curtains won't hang properly. For the best look, make sure each panel is at least as wide as the window. Now you're ready to install the brackets. Measure up to the height you had calculated before. For a standard single window, it's best to install the brackets 6 inches from the outside edge of the window frame. This allows the curtains as we open and the whole window exposed. Install the brackets using a screwdriver. Be sure the brackets are even. Place the curtains on the rod and place the rod on the brackets. Left the curtains and your windows are now dressed.