Bedroom Color Scheme Tips

Create a bedroom color scheme you'll love with these tips and ideas. Plus, see how easy it is to change up a color scheme.

Start your bedroom color scheme with hues you love. This bedroom's color scheme starts with saturated blue walls which is a backdrop for mixing color and pattern. Moroccan pattern curtains carry the same blue and introduce emerald green as the supporting color. Add dimension by varying color intensities. The trunk and throw bring in different variations of blue. Pillows and accessories are a perfect way to bring in accent colors. Repeating accent colors will help bring cohesiveness to your color scheme. Even in colorful rooms, neutrals still have a role. Lighten a look with white which will contrast the room's rich hues. Simply change the wall color when you want to change your look. Try a color that's a few shades lighter on the paint sample strip for a more serene look or choose one of the secondary or accent colors for your wall color, drawing it into the spotlight.