Trend Spotting with BHG: Pickled Foods

Pickled foods are showing up on menus everywhere, and this is ne hot trend that's easy to do at home. Try our recipes that use quick pickled foods to add a pop of flavor that will brighten just about any dish.

Hi. My name is Jessie. I'm one of the food editors here at Better Homes and Gardens. And as a food editor, I love to talk about food. One thing people are talking about right now are pickles. This is one hot trend that's showing up on restaurant menus. Chefs are pickling things like red peppers and fennel, things like red onion, radishes, and asparagus. Even crazy stuff like watermelon rind and eggs-- they're using it to add that pop of flavor to their dishes. This is one hot trend that is so easy to do at home. All you need are a few pantry ingredients. We'll show you how to do it at So, the next time you're in a pickle for flavor, try pickling something.