Staging in a Snap!

Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Dream Team member and interior design expert Jennifer Adams explains how you can quickly stage a home in time for those dreaded last minute showings.

-Most sellers drag the last minute showing. But here are a few simple things you can do to make sure your home is staged in a snap. On your window treatments, open, closed or accommodation of both, continuity is key. Make sure you check the outside of your home for symmetry with all your window treatments. Remember, that's the first impression that the buyer see when they come up to your home. Make sure you really highlight the beauty of your home by turning on all of the lights. No one likes a dimly lit room. Remember to replace all the burnt out light bulbs. If you buy new bulbs, I'd like to look for a clean, crisp, white light bulb. It makes everything look a little bit prettier. Lastly, make sure your home has a pleasing aroma the moment the buyers walk through the door. Like it or not, all of our homes have a scent and you wanna make sure yours is a pleasing one. A good way to do this is get a friend or a family member or a neighbor to come over and tell you what they smell the moment they open the door. If it's musty, make sure you clean all of your carpets and to really dust your home. You could even bake a fresh batch of cookies to make sure the house smells pleasing. By following these few simple tips, you can make sure your home is ready for last minute showings in no time.