Your Home for a Speedy Sale

De-clutter Your Home for a Speedy Sale

Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Dream Team member and lifestyle expert Carolina Buia gives some easy tips for de-cluttering and kid-proofing when staging your home for potential buyers.

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When it comes to staging your home, kids can add an extra layer of stress. So, here are some tricks on how you can kid-proof your home for a speedy sale. Flat surfaces need to be clutter-free-- from the kids' vanities to their desks. Beautiful wicker baskets are a great way to keep clutter at bay, not to mention I love this toy modular because it keeps all the toys nice and neat in their bins. And for those stray DVDs, a basket, of course. Don't limit your storage solutions to the playroom. A great bedroom bench is a wonderful way to trap those fly-away toys. De-clutter and donate toys your kid no longer plays with. That includes all those bikes and motorized vehicles in the garage. No used car lot, thank you. Before an important showing, send the kids to the grandparents or to your neighbor's house. That way, you can run through, make sure everything is looking spectacular.