Trend Spotting with BHG: Sea Salt

Sea salt is the hottest salt on the scene. Find out how to use it to add big-time flavor to your favorite recipes.

As a food editor, I see a lot of food trends and what I'm seeing everywhere right now is sea salt. Sea salt is like regular salt's cool, hip cousin. Regular salt is more processed. It has a finer grain and a little less flavor. Sea salt, being from the sea, is a little less processed. It has a bigger grain and a more flavor hits your tongue. While sea salt is a great and savory dish is, we're seeing it on bakery menus across the country. At Better Homes and Gardens, we have these homemade caramels with a sprinkle of sea salt and they're amazing. A dash of sea salt is also great in milkshakes or on top of chocolate brownies. I love it on our chocolate bourbon cupcakes. You can find sea salt alongside regular salt in your grocery store. And just a little sprinkle is an impressive touch that adds a ton of flavor. So I love adding a sprinkle of sea salt to just anything with chocolate. It adds this really pretty touch, but it makes- whatever you made at home look like it came right from the corner bakery. I made these chocolate chip cookies that had popcorn mixed in that were insane and then there was a sprinkle of sea salt on top and that just made the whole cookie amazing. And I never would've thought to sprinkle sea salt on a chocolate chip cookie, but it was tasty!