Trend Spotting with BHG: Painted Furniture

Revive retro furniture pieces with a little bit of paint.

Remember those funky furniture shapes from the 70's? Well, check your local thrift stores for these gems because they are back. Painting retro furniture is a huge trend, but this time we're going to appreciate the shape, but we're gonna fix the finish. Look for rattan chairs. They look fantastic when they're painted a sophisticated oyster grey and mixed with modern dining chairs around the table. Caned dining chairs are a great piece to paint. They were everywhere in the 70's, so you can find a lot of them. But you can appreciate their curves so much better now with a clean coated white paint and they look great with stream line furnishings and modern floors. Turn a hefty dresser into a modern media consul. The trim work and the retro shapes look great when they're all painted white and they look fantastic with today's geometric rugs. Use paint to unify mismatched chairs. If you can't find 6 or 8 that match, then pick 2 or 3 of each kind where you appreciate their shape. This is a great solution to update those Windsor chairs. Paint can help transform these little pieces into new focal points for your décor. For more ideas, visit us at