Trend Spotting with BHG: Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts are making a comeback! Check out the tastiest ways to prepare this healthy vegetable.

Brussels sprouts. I know what you're thinking and don't walk away because Brussels sprouts are awesome. They're healthy, versatile and super on trend right now. You've probably only tried Brussels sprouts boiled, but there are so many delicious ways to prepare them. I love them roasted. Either on your stove top or in your oven with a little bit of lemon, parmesan and garlic. Another great way to try them is baked into a creamy gratin with cheese and a little bit of cream and chives. It beats any scallop potato you've ever tried. The coolest way I'm seeing them right now is shaved like cabbage into a slaw with tangy apples and grapes- it's an awesome side dish that no one will ever guess is made from Brussels sprouts. The next time you hear someone bad mouthing Brussels sprouts, but they're also an unexpectedly delicious way to eat your veggies.